A major step forward for Romanian landscape architects

Asociaţia Peisagiştilor din România (the Romanian Landscape Architects Association) announces the publication of the occupation of landscape architect (PEISAGIST) in the COR nomenclature (Romanian Occupational Classification), code 216202, base group 2162, Architects in landscape architecture, by Order of the Labour Ministry and the National Institute for Statistics, no 1419/328/2014 regarding modification and completion of Occupational Clasification in Romania – level of occupation (six characters), published in Monitorul Oficial, Part I, no 631, 28th of August 2014, entered into force on the date of publication.
The demarche is a result of a process initiated in 2005 by the Romanian Landscape Architects Association in order to establish an appropriate framework for the employment of Landscape Architecture graduates, in accordance with their training and also to ensure profession visibility by means of a distinct occupation. We would like to mention that currently in Romania there are over one thousand specialists, trained in seven centres of higher education.
During this process, surveys were made regarding the situation of the mentioned specialisation, the target groups being formed from higher education institutions, employers and employees in Landscape Architecture. The results highlighted the multiplicity and variety of occupations in the Occupational Nomenclature that are used to framing these specialists and also the absence of an occupation title suitable for graduates of the Landscape Architecture specialisation. This factor generated in time a great deal of confusion on the labour market regarding profession identity.

Through this initiative, the Romanian Landscape Architects Association takes part into the creation of an appropriate legal framework for practicing the profession of landscape architect. Moreover, by means of an interdisciplinary approach and engagement in studies, projects and interventions on public and private green space, the Association of Landscape Architects Romania aims at promoting the advantages obtained while creating a landscape under direct supervision of a specialist in landscape architecture, thus contributing to improving life and space quality.
Furthermore, the Romanian Landscape Architects Association strongly recommends graduates in Landscape Architecture and other professionals in related fields, active in the field, the employment with the occupation of landscape architect (ro. peisagist), in order to create a professional identity and clarify the misuses of the profession.

Last but not least, the Romanian Landscape Architects Association would like to address thanks to fellow landscape architects, to the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA Europe) and landscape architecture schools in Romania, and all other supporters for their sustainment, and for understanding the need for regulation of this new profession introduced in Romania in 1998.


Timisoara, 1st of September, 2014
Landscape Architect Alexandru Ciobotă,
President of the Association of Landscape Architects Romania