Launching of IFLA book 2010-2014

IFLA book coverIFLA launched a book summarising its activities for the period of 2010-2014. This project has been developed by IFLA’s Immediate Past President – Desiree Martinez.

Desiree says “this publication is dedicated in the first place, to our colleagues leading IFLA in the following terms, as a documentation of our way through the development of the organization during these last 4 years. Of course it is also meant to be an acknowledgement to the work for all my colleagues that contributed as EXCO members and committee chairs and members to the development and success of the organization. 

This is also dedicated to all IFLA member organisations and its members all over the world, MANY of them who are so special friends of mine, incredible people, with those I had the privilege to share amazing moments!

Finally this is dedicated to all people interested in our profession and to all persons that value honorary work!”

The book contains a collection of articles written by several individuals of the previous executive committee of IFLA and everyone that actively contributed to the development of projects during that period.

On behalf of the current IFLA ExCo, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved on this book and especially to Desiree Martinez for her hard work and energy committed to IFLA. 

Download your copy here