The North’s way: Landscape Architects Meeting

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The Portuguese landscape architects will meet on the 18th April, in Oporto, in an historical garden, under a monumental tree, to celebrate the International day for Monuments and Sites and the World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM).

The event is organized by the Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects with the Oporto and Trás-os-Montes Universities (FCUP and UTAD).

There will be a guided visit to the garden, a picnic and a tribute will be held to the memorable Oporto landscape architect, Ilídio de Araújo.

The way for the future in the North of Portugal will be discussed on what it concerns to the Landscape Architecture in Portugal.

Some pictures will be taken to the “Designed by a Landscape Architect” campaign the American Society of Landscape Architects is promoting for the ALAM.

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