VIII International Festival «Imperial Gardens of Russia» and the 52th World IFLA Congress: festival winners and Russian landscape design.

11201164_918489874877640_8167095182579344224_nVIII International Festival «Imperial Gardens of Russia» in 52th World IFLA Congress have just happened in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The festival occurs each year in Mikhailovsky Garden since 2008, nevertheless this year the festival also have had an extra responsibility in hosting Russian and international landscape architects as well as other festival participants. The exhibition proposals have been judged by the jury team as well by the IFLA participants, who expressed their opinion about the Russian landscape design.

The major Festival theme in 2015 became «Silk Route Gardens». The jury team has been composed and represented by worldwide professionals:

  • Larisa Kanunnikova (Saint Petersburg, Russia), head of the Department of Landscape Architecture of the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of Saint Petersburg;
  • Taisiya Volftrub (Moscow, Russia), president of the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia, member of Union of Architects of Russia, Chairman of the Board of landscape architecture of the Union of Architects of Russia,
  • Mario Bonicelli (Bergamo, Italy), architect, founder of the “Mario Bonicelli and Partners” studio; co-founder of the association ARKETIPOS organizer of the annual International Meeting of Landscape and Garden “I Maestri del Paesaggio”.
  • Tinatin Khimshiashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia), Ph.D., professor of landscape architecture, the author of the book “Architecture Landscape Design”.
  • Princess Marie-Sol de la Tour d’Auvergne (chateau d’Ainay-le-Vieil), vice-president of the Foundation of Parks and Gardens of France.

11071746_918489261544368_854615489318054933_nLucky Project LLC – young professionals from Saint-Petersburg – firstly presented their project “Silk Route Shadow”, which has been highly judged by the jury and awarded with the first prize. “Our company has our own unique way of progress. We create and realize Russian design but the European experience is priceless for us at the same time, of course” – says Olga Mikina, CEO and Chief Architect of the company.

Exhibition garden of Lucky Project LLC represents a complete eastern reflection and shows an emotional and sensuous perception of the Silk Route theme. Winding road – Trade Way symbol brings us to an oasis, which is crowned by the true treasure and the spherical architectural structure – the dome. All the facets of the dome are hand-painted by the company team.

11427180_916345355092092_4925884075646289943_nExcursions for IFLA 2015 participants happened on the 11th and 12th of June. “We wanted to show with our project and design that there is a decent landscape design in Russia and we hope that we’ve done it”, Olga Mikina commented and explained us the idea of the composition:

The route being paved with light coloured stone in Arab style invites us to step on the ancient land towards the Eastern charms. Fresh herbs and the aroma of flowers are felt in the air – this is like a long awaited oasis and heaven for tired travellers.

Oasis is a symbol for the Great Silk Route and has been used to link the East to West together in ancient times. The island with vast vegetation provides shadow, water and food as well as ephemerality and fragility. Would there be an oasis tomorrow or it would disappear in the boundless sea of sand?

IMG_1108The Arab path takes us to dome type structure, which looks like a spherical architectural structure being assembled from bars – this is the geodesic dome. This high-tech structure is constructed from state-of-the-art materials. Transparent organic glass insertion elements are hand decorated with ornaments under genuine motives of the Silk Route countries.

The Great Silk Route is not just a caravan route: it is also a heritage – paramount cultural and historical layer. This path has a lot of mysteries and secrets.

What treasures are hidden from eyes by the dome facets?

Saint Petersburg has met with great hospitality and joy all the participants and delegates of IFLA at the Mikhailovsky Garden.


Article kindly submitted by Maria Gorcheva