Now that the Paris UN Climate agreement to is signed by 195 countries to keep the global warming ‘well below 2°C, most of us realize that the actions needed to reach that goal will deeply influence our landscapes and indeed our seascapes. Not only projects that belong to the necessary energy-transition like wind turbine parks, solar energy fields, hydropower complexes, tidal plants, geo-thermal installations, but also re-afforestation projects and biomass production will gradually change the face of the earth. This will not be a walk over. Space in its symbolic, and meaning loaded, guise as landscape will be the battlefield where this transition will be lost or won. It is my conviction that, world wide, landscape architects will have a role to play.

As a result of Dirk Sijmons’ book ‘Landscape and Energy’ (Nai010 publishers, 2014) Mr Sijmons has been asked by the Landscape Architecture magazine from the Beijing Forestry University to curate a special – bilingual (Chinese and English) – issue on the subject of that magazine that will appear by the end of 2016. ‘Landscape Architecture’ ( celebrated its tenth jubilee in 2015 and appears monthly. It is authoritative in the Chinese language realm.

To stress that this transition to a decarbonized society needs a global perspective it seemed a great idea to gather work from all over the world. We are looking for projects of landscape architects that are active on this new frontier between energy and landscape. The projects may be large scale, small, executed or more analytic, design or research-through-design. They may deal on electricity production projects, heat cascading projects or producing biomass for fuels or tackle the CO2 question by re-afforestation or indirectly by developing policy instruments. Even projects that deal with the cleaning up of of fossil fuel infrastructure are welcome.

We want to have an even distribution by selecting one or two significant articles per continent: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.


Call up landscape architects that are interested (or draw the attention of colleagues that will not be reached by this call) to send to Mr Sijmons a short draft (maximum 250 words + some illustrations) before the 1th of May. (

Mr Sijmons will make the first selection and propose a shortlist to the editors of ‘Landscape Architecture’.  The authors of the final selection will be informed the 1th of July latest. We are aiming at articles between 3.000 and 5.000 words. After the selection the editorial board of ‘Landscape Architecture’ will dialogue with the authors. The articles will be peer reviewed once submitted. If the deadline for submitting the first draft is August 31, the articles will be reviewed from September to October. During November, the authors will be able to revise their articles according to reviewers’ comments. The deadline for final submission will be 2016, December 1.