“Task Analysis” survey on LA professional practice worldwide

Dear landscape architect!

International Federation of Landscape Architects working group “Global professional standard” partnering with The Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards are conducting a joint online research project called “Task Analysis” to better understand the current scope of professional practice worldwide. Results will be shared with all participants and the data will be analysed for its implications on current and future practice. This is the first and essential part of developing the Global professional Standard project to be developed in the future.

We respectfully ask for your support in encouraging participation.  Please , also consider using email, web, social media and other means of communication to promote the survey to your colleagues and friends.

The survey will inquire about demographics, types of projects undertaken and practice-oriented tasks, and there are multiple opportunities to add what’s missing (for example, if the type of work you do isn’t included).  It should take less then 30 minutes and you can stop and return to it later by using the same link and device to access the survey (just be sure to have cookies enabled and click “next” to save responses).


Individual responses will be kept confidential and results will only be reported in the aggregate.  The data will not be used for commercial purposes.

Thank you for taking time to help us all better understand the current state of practice.

Kind regards,
Ilya Mochalov
Chair of IFLA working group “Global professional standard”