European Commission receives IFLA Europe Award 2016

The IFLA Europe Award 2016 has been granted to the European Commission, Directorate General for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

IFLA Europe stated “It is the aim of the IFLA Europe to, following its Statutes and Regulations approved in the General Assembly held in Oslo in October2014, to recognise the work of exceptional people who believe that our way of perceiving and understanding the world derived from our profession could contribute to its development.

IFLA Europe feels close to European Commission’s work, objectives, and the efforts of DG Biodiversity to develop and facilitate the implementation of policies and legislation that contribute to enabling EU citizens to live well, within the planet’s ecological limits.

The policies being pursued will we hope ensure that biodiversity is protected, valued, restored and environment related health risks are minimised in ways to enhance our society’s resilience and where growth has been decoupled from resource use.”

You can read a more detailed account of the award and Commissioner Vella’s address at the IFLA Europe General Assembly at: