OMBÚes. Prácticas y representaciones”, Museo Figari, Montevideo

catalogo_ombues_web copyCloseout of OMBUS sample

On Wednesday, November 30, the OMBUS sample was concluded at the Figari Museum, Montevideo.

Ana Vallarino Katzenstein, (Arq., Dra. esp. en Paisaje, Prof. Agr. G°4 FADU UdelaR, Uruguay and IFLA Delegate) reported it was a very busy night, more than a hundred people visited yesterday the exhibition and filled the facilities of the first floor of the museum intended for presentation.

It was conducted by the doctor of linguistics Lisa Block and agronomist Paul Ross , who with elegance and depth of concepts by which both are internationally known, delved into the peculiarities of ombú as a literary motif and as plant species.

The curator of the exhibition Ana Vallarino and the director of the museum, Pablo Thiago Rocca, who had words of remembrance for the founder of the Association of Friends, Magadalena Figari de Olaso and for Carlos Pellegrino, poet and landscaper, also a friend of this houseboth of whom left us last year.

The wide participation in this evening of many of exhibiting artists (painters, sculptors, potters, photographers), friends of the Botanical Garden, architects and landscapers, writers, was a clear sign of the diversity of interests addressed in the exhibition and in the catalog (designed by the brand new winner of the 2016 National Visual Arts Grand Prize, Eloísa Ibarra).

You can download the catalogue here: Drapercatalogo_ombues_web