Update on the IFLA PPP Working Groups

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 19.32.35An update from the Professional Practice and Policy Committee Chair, Marina Cervera Alonso de Medina 

“The countdown for IFLA World Congress in Montréal is on. This annual gathering of our profession will be an exceptional occasion to meet and network with other professionals, NGO and entities dealing with design all around the world, as our Council will be actually integrated to the World Design Summit – Montréal – October 16-25, 2017.

This time framework, has been set as a challenge to our working groups in the IFLA Professional Practice and Policy Committee, in order for them to structure short term actions to be completed during the WC and the WDS, enabling new complicities with sister associations which could complement us symbiotically and displaying a broader global dissemination network to serve our actions.

Our Working Groups are now stronger thanks to the new volunteers stepping forward after IFLA News number 20 PPP Committee WG presentation, -thank you for that!-. Moreover, the building up of the working groups structure and better visualization of their activities have been key to engage in this short term action commitments within Montréal frame time.

We will review in two IFLA brief communications, the main challenges for the upcoming months for our WG:

Our IFLA CULTURAL LANDSCAPE WORKING GROUP is Organizing the IFLA ICOMOS International Meeting in Montreal, Canada, the 19th October 2017 where the document on ICOMOS and IFLA Principles Concerning Rural Landscapes as Heritage will be approved.

The GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL STANDARD WG will have the public presentation of the published results of the completed the Global survey and will present the draft text of the Global Standard to the WC for the delegates discussion and approval, based on the survey.

The LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS WITHOUT BORDERS WG is now populated and running thanks to its co-chair and regional’s chair, that are doing a great job. For instance, thanks to a European initiative is proposing the creating of a European regions UNESCO Chair to UNESC in the Department of Architettura e Territorio at the Universita’ Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria.

Last but not least, I am happy to announce, our CLIMATE CHANGE WG, has drafted an Accord, that starting from the Americas provides a framework of principles intended to guide decision-making and to promote innovation throughout planning and design processes, with a special emphasis on all activities whose life expectancy is considered to reach into a future characterized by an ever-changing physical environment.  The Accord emphasizes the need to promote resilience in ecosystems and society, to create human communities that provide renewed opportunities and prosperity for all, and to ensure that actions taken today do not interfere with the well-being of future generations and environments.  As society moves forward in needed efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and to prepare for increasingly severe changes in weather and climate, the Accord will provide necessary support for planning and design approaches intended to conserve our environment while ensuring a prosperous and safe future for our people. This accord (link to the doc in our website, climate accord – we agreed that rather than it be a regional accord (as she had first proposed) should ideally go for a global accord to be signed at the WDSO by all of the national associations IFLA. Therefore, we are raising our case for wide dissemination and it has been sent to all National Association delegate for them to initiate process of ratification at a national level.

Good work and great expectations, but only six month to go! Remember we are always happy to integrate new members to our working groups while looking forward to meeting you all in Montréal to champion for all the different facets of our profession”