PPP Committee Update August 2017

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An update from PPP Committee Chair, Marina Cervera Alonso de Medina

‘Dear colleagues,

In a few weeks we will be meeting in our World Council, integrated to the World Design Summit – Montréal – October 16-25, 2017.   This deadline has been set as a challenge for our working groups in the IFLA Professional Practice and Policy Committee, in order for them to structure short term actions to be completed during the WC.

The April IFLA news, was for us the first occasion to showcase the work done by our Cultural landscape Working group, GlobaProfessional Standards Working group, Landscape Architects without borders Working group and Climate change Working groups.

Before we start, we have an important announcement about the LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS WITHOUT BORDERS WG. After the open call for a new WG Chair, a CV competition was set and we can now proudly announce we have a new Chair for the Group, Maria Gabriella Trovato., already member of the LAWB group and professionally devoted to the cause. We want to congratulate her publicly and we have great expectation for the group development under her leadership.

We will now introduce our youngest volunteers in the YOUNG PROFESSIONALS ADVOCATE WG. This WG was already existent but a new Chair was appointed this year to kick off action and define the immediate challenges to deal with. Anastasia Nikologianni has since then done a good work starting with the setting of social networks to reach this younger target the associations aims at to better understand the need of the youngest professional and help them in their first step of professional practice. Please follow us and help us disseminate!

Twitter: @YPA_IFLA
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/young-professionals-advocate-ifla-179667144/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YoungProfessionalAdvocateIFLA/

The UIA-IFLA WORKING GROUP, on the contrary, is one of the most stable groups since it was set according to the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2012. The group is currently running a join collaborative project of IFLA/UIA: IEN+C, under the Co-Conveners guidance Allan Rodger and Tony Williams. The project: Indigenous Ecological Nodes and Corridors (IEN+C) seeks to investigate and provide guidance both globally and locally on how to re-establish, revitalise and recreate ecosystems within urban and rural areas. This is in keeping with the aims and aspirations of Habitat III.

Finally, the NATURAL RESOURCES & PROTECTED LANDSCAPES working group led by Monica Mariaca is searching for volunteers to strengthen the groups activity while establishing a better understanding with IUCN through project PANORAMA “sourcing” case studies relating to protected landscapes for PANORAMA’s “protected areas” portal, through IFLA’s network.

All the these activities from the groups, are complemented by the PREP Survey project as joined initiative with Education Committee and the normal activity on membership and policy undertaken with the help of adviser and PPP past chair Carlo Bruschi.

Good work and great expectations, but only three month to go! Please don’t hesitate to feedback before then with new ideas or strategies to chair.ppp@iflaonline.org.

Looking forward to meet you all in Montreal.