Sheffield/South America Collaborative Workshops

captura-de-pantalla-2017-08-19-a-las-17-42-19In September 2017, four experts from the University of Sheffield (England) will travel to Latin America to conduct workshops on landscape architecture together with four Latin American landscape universities. The purpose of these workshops is to share ideas, challenges in the discipline and to reinforce the collaborative learning, teaching and research links between Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Martha Fajardo, general coordinator of the Latin American Landscape Initiative LALI, is a magister in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield and Doctor of Letters Honoris Causa at the same University. The University of Sheffield is their soul matter, the experience and knowledge obtained there has them deeply attached to their DNA. Her link with the University of Sheffield has set a path and has left a legacy in her to make her one of the pioneering women in the field of landscape in Latin America.

From the Latin American Landscape Initiative LALI, in the framework of the celebration of its 5 years of ratification, we encourage you to be an active part of these workshops which will be held in four different Latin American landscapes. The Collaborative Landscape Workshops will be held alongside other Latin American landscape leaders such as Gloria Aponte (Colombia) , Osvaldo Moreno (Chile) , Marcelo D’Andrea (Argentina) and  Alejandro Cabeza (Mexico) .

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