WDSO says thanks!

Image 31-10-2017 at 20.20Today the World Design Summit issued the following statement:
The World Design Summit Organization (WSDO) wishes to thank all our partners and participants: speakers, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, suppliers, and volunteers for their role in the first edition of the World Design Summit (WDS) in Montreal, from 16 to 24 October 2017.

We are grateful to our founding partners, including the steering committee, and our professional design associations partners from the six disciplines, for the support of their board members and management.

Thank you to the members of all our committees: Scientific and Professional, Events, Disciplines, Expo, Communications, Public Relations and Marketing, Sales and Sponsorship.

A very special thanks to the members of the Scientific and Professional Committee of the WDS for volunteering their expertise, time, and valuable curation work. The 14 Co-Chairs and the Review Committee evaluated more than 1,000 proposals, building a program of nearly 650 speakers and more than 500 presentations. We couldn’t have done this without the speakers and delegates who were able to discuss innovative and interdisciplinary topics related to the wonderful world of design. This is undeniably a first step towards an important dialogue about change through design.

A huge thank you to the speakers, keynote speakers and industry panelists for their involvement. Their contributions kick started a conversation on design, opening the debate on global challenges and contributing to the advancement of society through design.

Thanks also to all the delegates for joining us. Your presence was decisive in the success of the Congress. Many of you were present for the sold-out opening ceremony, to see our outstanding keynote speakers. This ceremony, rich in content and cross-disciplinary exchange, set the tone for the congress and conferences.

We would like to thank the 650 speakers from around the world for their participation and the sharing of innovative topics with their peers. We also thank the moderators who were essential in the smooth running of the conferences, as well as our valuable team of record keepers, who helped to summarize the content of the presentations.

We owe a huge gratitude to all our discipline presenters, private partners, media partners and official suppliers for their support. We wish to highlight the invaluable support of our exhibitors and special projects organizers, which brought design to life during the Expo by offering opportunities for design professionals and the general public to discover their latest innovations.

We must also emphasize the excellent contributions from our Expo curator Jean Beaudoin, an architect whose passion, presence and generosity cannot be overstated.

Thank you to all our suppliers and their teams, including our hotel partners, Freeman and Capital Traiteur. We are particularly grateful for the collaboration of our IT solution provider, LVDLV.

And, of course, the events wouldn’t have run smoothly without our indispensable volunteers, who deserve no shortage of acclaim for their generosity and commitment.

We are grateful to the WDSO Board of Directors for their inspiration and we thank them for their trust and commitment.

Thanks to the commitment of the WDS Team who believed in the project and carried it to the end. We did it! An event of this magnitude couldn’t have happened without their contributions. We also thank those, including Alain Dufour and Honorable Sheila Copps, who have inspired the project along the way.

History was made when the first Montreal Design Declaration was signed on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, in the presence of many major international organizations. The statement endorses a 10-year program to strengthen the consideration of DESIGN in all economic, cultural, environmental and social decision-making

Thank you to our major partners, Tourisme Montréal and the Palais des congrès de Montréal, for their confidence and for financially and logistically supporting this ambitious project. We are proud to count them among those who contributed to this first edition celebrating the design community. Let us also mention the collaboration of Montreal International, which has supported WDSO in building links with many international organizations.

Finally, we express our gratitude to our partners and public funders, the Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec, and especially the City of Montreal, including its Economic Development Department, which has supported us from the outset, and at a critical time more recently.

A HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for contributing wholeheartedly to the success of our first edition of the World Design Summit. Your mere presence was enough to make the event exceptional! You all helped make the first step to changing the world through design. We thank you again very much for your participation and hope to see you again- who knows, maybe at the next edition!

On behalf of the Great WDSO Team, please accept our sincere greetings,

Pierre-Alain Gariépy
President and CEO
World Design Summit Organization