Declaration outlines design’s responsibility for solving global problems


Dezeen has published an article about the World Design Summit, an extract of this is below:

For the first time, representatives of leading international organisations representing designers, architects, planners and landscape architects have collaborated effectively to present a united position on the utilisation of design to cope with pressing global economic, social, environmental and cultural challenges,” said a statement from World Design Summit.

It is hoped that the document will be used as a reference for both design and non-design bodies to ensure that the sector contributes ethically and positively to the world.

“This text is an exceptional resource that highlights the strength and effectiveness of design when it focuses on improving people’s quality of life and proposes concrete solutions to current problems,” World Design Summit said.

The declaration is built around eight statements:

It also makes nine calls to action, including the development of design policies, metrics and standards, and recognition of design’s value by world leaders.

“This meeting will have enabled us to send a clear message to the political bodies and decision-makers, as well as a signal that the international design community is united behind concrete goals,” said Marie-Claude Parenteau-Lebeuf, World Design Summit Organisation board chair.

World Design Summit was held at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal from 16 to 25 October 2017, and included over 650 speakers, more than 500 presentations and upwards of 350 exhibitors at its Expo.

Montreal Design Declaration at Design Summit Meeting

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