New landscape advocacy group launches at Montreal World Design Summit

During the IFLA World Council 2017. Left to right: IFLA Americas President Raquel Penalosa; Chair of Landscape Architecture Without Borders (LAWB) Maria Gabriella Trovato; Chair of the Emerging Professionals’ Advocate Working Group Dr Anastasia Nikologianni; and Vice President of the Lebanese Landscape Association (LELA – الجمعية اللبنانية للمشاهد) Salma Samaha

Emerging Professionals Advocate (EPA) working group brings together newly qualified professionals, experts and students in the field of landscape

This new IFLA initiative kicked off at the IFLA World Council on 15-16 October. The World Council formed part of the first ever World Design Summit in Montreal (WDSM). The opportunity for a global introduction during a world-wide event was a great start to what the EPA aims to achieve in the coming months. The discussion generated a number of great ideas that can support landscape professionals, including professional development, networking opportunities, and raising awareness for the profession. The WDSM also provided the opportunity for the EPA to engage with national and international associations interested in EPA’s mission, and start developing a global community of landscape practitioners.

EPA Chair Dr Anastasia Nikologianni gave an interview to Landscape Institute about this new group, you can read it  in full here.