Launching Emerging Professionals Advocate


The Emerging Professionals Advocate (EPA) working group is an enthusiastic initiative of IFLA that kicked off at IFLA World Council meeting at the first ever World Design Summit in Montreal (WDSM) last October, bringing together newly qualified professionals, experts and students.

The opportunity for a global introduction during a world wide event such as the WDSM was a great start to what the EPA aims to achieve in the coming months. The discussion generated a number of great ideas that can support landscape architects, including professional development, networking opportunities, awareness for the profession. The WDSM also provided the opportunity for the EPA to engage with national and international associations interested in EPA’s mission and help develop a global community of landscape architects, designers, planners and more.


This intense week in Montreal has left us with a long list of ideas, needs and interests, but it has also given us a huge boost realising there is a significant interest of professionals and students who would like to get involved in this initiative.

This momentum created at the summit has encouraged the EPA team to start forming collaborations with interested parties and expanding its activities. It is with great pleasure to announce that we are now having discussions to collaborate with ELASA the European Landscape Architecture Student Association and we are also discussing on collaboration with The Network of the engineers and professionals of the landscape for the development of the territory from Cameroon.


Lots of enthusiastic volunteers have approached us and have allowed us to launch 2 new projects  :

1. Collect and Communicate project. Collection of landscape and planning/Design related events and competitions through our online platforms

2. Activate project. The collection of interests by emerging landscape architects leading to the creation of an online magazine.

The EPA intends to be the voice of new professionals through IFLA and to support the engagement of young professionals in international events such as the IFLA World Congress and other conferences.

Being a global group it is exciting as it gives us the opportunity to share knowledge, skills, expertise and needs across the world. It can also be challenging to connect and collaborate across cultures and timezones, yet we are interested to meet others interested in this mission ready to collaborate on our key projects!For this reason we aim to build a network of enthusiastic individuals who are willing to be part of an international community such as the EPA.


Meet our team and contact us if you want to be a part of this energetic and enthusiastic group!

Chair                             Anastasia Nikologianni
IFLA Americas             Julia Lent
IFLA Africa                   Husniya Kedr
IFLA Asia – Pacific       Dewi Rezalini Anwar
IFLA Europe                 Niels De Couvreur
IFLA Middle-East        Zeena Al Jaja

Are you interested to find out more and get involved? Contact us :

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Twitter Account: @EPA_IFLA
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