Ri-Vista – call now open, theme: Energy

1454-169-PBRi-Vista Research for Landscape Planning


Ri-Vista is an open access semiannual journal in electronic format. It operates through international call for papers and double blind peer review. Founded in 2003, since 2014 Ri-Vista is part of the scientific journals of the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence and in 2015 a second series was launched. The journal deals with Landscape Architecture in a traditional disciplinary openness to the contributions of sciences otherwise competent, consolidated over the years in accordance with the nature of the discipline to which it is dedicated. The rich articulation of scientific viewpoints, as identified by studies that different disciplines dedicate to the landscape as a category and to landscapes as realities, is therefore the area from which Ri-Vista searches for references concerning design in the broadest sense of this term that Landscape Architecture can express.


 The THEMATIC CALL for the issue 1|2018 - now open with deadline March 5, 2018 -  aims to receive papers regarding the topic ENERGY. Selected papers will be published in the thematic section of the 2|2017 issue of Ri-Vista.

You can submit your works in compliance with the editorial rules by sending a We-Transfer Link to the e-mail address ri-vista@dida.unifi.it

Parallel to the thematic call, an OPEN CONTINUOUS CALL aims to receive submissions of papers concerning all scientific fields and themes with an interest in Landscape Planning and Landscape Design, both pertaining to the natural and human sciences. Selected papers will be published in the open section of every issue of Ri-Vista.