FIDIC commitment to support the New Urban Agenda

staging-fidic-SLIDER2-1024x259The consulting engineering industry, represented by FIDIC member associations in more than hundred countries, commits to align initiatives with other built environment stakeholders to better support the New Urban Agenda. 

Just one year after the adoption of the New Urban Agenda at Habitat III, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) organised a networking event with other built environment stakeholders to explore opportunities for joint and coordinated commitments.

The event took place at the 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur on 9 February, 2018, with participants being asked to discuss commitments covering all aspects of the urban environment. FIDIC presented its statement of commitments as an example of what had been achieved by partnering with the Federation’s Young Professionals Forum and the FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineer pilot programme.

In highlighting key activities that could become the basis for supporting commitments, representatives of other organizations pointed out that the sustainability of urban development continued to be influenced negatively by the traditional “silo” approach to infrastructure provision. In the case of urban projects for instance, there clearly needed to be a more coherent and integrated approach at all project phases, from initiation to the end of life or renewal.

In summing up, it was decided to examine jointly and in more detail an action plan focused on commitments to address mutually recognised purposes of sustainability in several areas of action (other areas of action would be added as and when they are agreed):

- a professional’s duty to advise;

- methodologies, guides and tools that draw upon common understanding;

- programmes to raise awareness and build capacity;

- policies to adapt legal frameworks and procurement practices;

- the planning and co-design of the urban environment;

- mobility and urban infrastructure.

An agreed objective was to establish a framework for a joint commitment together with the steps needed to implement the framework that would be presented at the 24ty Conference of the Parties (COP24) later in 2018.

The overall objective is to support a holistic approach to urban development so that society as a and action plans. These policies and plans aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Determined Contributions to the COP 21 objectives.

It is anticipated that young professionals will be able to play a leading role in helping to prepare the framework.

For more information contact

Enrico VINK, FIDIC Managing Director ( Tel: +41 227 99 4900, Mob: +41 795 011 659

Jean FELIX, Chair of the FIDIC-EFCA Sustainable Development Committee (, Mob: +33 669 756 238