TCLF Launches New ‘What’s Nearby’ Feature

WhatsNearby_30min-featureThe Cultural Landscape Foundation’s (TCLF) ‘What’s Nearby’ function has been updated with new information and improved graphics to make finding cultural landscapes even easier, you can now discover what landscapes are within a ten minute walk from where you’re presently standing.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation has long provided visitors to its website with an interactive online feature called ‘What’s Nearby,’ which functions in two different ways. First, it allows users on TCLF’s homepage to see cultural landscapes in the What’s Out There database that are in the vicinity of the user’s current location. In that way, individuals accessing the website can be directed, at the click of a button, to nearby landscapes, along with links to essays about their design history and designers. The ‘What’s Nearby’ feature also allows users to see the landscapes that are in close proximity to each other, regardless of the user’s location—perfect for research or for planning a day of exploring a city or region.

More information here.