Candidates announced for 2018 World Level elections

paysage-miniature_LAMBOT1-1800x1080IFLA has been receiving nominations of the 2018 World level elections and has now announced the candidates.

In accordance with IFLA’s Constitution, Sections 2 and 5, and the By-Laws and Rules of Procedure, the following candidates are eligible for the positions to which they have been nominated:

IFLA President: Damian Tang (SILA) and James Hayter (AILA) 

IFLA Treasurer: Jeremy Dennis (DL) and Raquel Peñalosa (CSLA)

IFLA Standing Committee Chair on Communications and External Relations: Monica Pallares (SAPM)

IFLA Standing Committee Chair on Education and Academic Affairs: Salma Samaha (LELA)

IFLA Standing Committee Chair on Professional Practice and Policy: Marina Cervera I Alonso de Medina (AEP)

An electronic vote will take place for each position between 19:00 CET, 16 March 2018, and 19:00 CET, 16 April 2018. Each National Association is entitled to one vote.

The election will be conducted anonymously using the BigPulse online election and voting system. Each National Association will receive an email with a secure link through which to vote on 16 March 2018. The Manifesto and Brief Biography for candidates will be available by following the secure link. 

If you have any questions about submitting the vote of your National Association, please write to IFLA Executive Secretary Sally Robertshaw ( with IFLA Chair for Communications and External Relations Bruno Marques in copy (