2019 IFLA Student Design Competition

NMBU – Norwegian University of Life Sciences will organise and programme the Student Design Competition as part of the 2019 IFLA World Congress.

This year’s vision for the IFLA World Congress, “Common Ground,” addresses a vast theme including changes to the Earth due to climate change and population growth. The theme both affects our physical surroundings and how to develop and manage our common ground sustainably.

Landscape architects work across large and small scales to face a variety of global and local challenges. This year’s congress will take a closer look at urban transformation, green mobility, healthy and beautiful landscapes and public participation. As part of this congress, students are asked to challenge what “Common Ground” means in transformation areas in the dense city. IFLA invites students in small groups to interpret the concepts of “common ground” to Hovinbyen, a major former industrial area in central Oslo that is currently undergoing a large re-development.

The site of the proposed Grønvold Park contains a historic farmhouse and small green spaces, the remains from the site’s use as a match factory in the 19th Century. Today’s development includes planning for a new primary school and mixed used development neighboring the proposed park. In addition, the 6000m2 site will have no motorized traffic.

The competition’s challenge is to interpret the concepts of “Common Ground” to develop a new identity for the proposed Grønvold Park as a new sustainable link in Hovinbyen’s larger transformation.

More information

For the time table, brief and entry forms see the Congress website here.