About the Advisory Circle

The IFLA Advisory Circle provides expert insight and thought leadership on national, regional and international developments which directly or indirectly concern landscape architecture.  The Circle also monitors and co-ordinates the dissemination of key position statements and advice from our members, friends and partners to landscape architects around the world.

The scope of the Advisory Circle

  • Monitor national/regional/international developments and/or events that impact, or could impact on the profession.
  • Provide IFLA with expert (position-setting) public responses to such developments
  • Contribute to policy-making

A call for participants

IFLA is inviting expressions of interest on becoming part of the Advisory Circle.  We are looking for experts from landscape architecture but also related fields and specialisms; from within and outside of the IFLA community.

How to apply

Prospective members may be nominated by:
IFLA Delegates
IFLA Executive Committee Officers
Members of the Advisors’ Circle (with a minimum of one year as an Advisor)
Or may apply to the ExCo directly

Nominated individuals and applicants must submit via email a C.V. and brief supporting statement detailing their area(s) of expertise to Sally Robertshaw, IFLA Executive Secretary, admin@iflaonline.org

Please note:
The final decision to appoint any nominee into the Circle rests with the IFLA Executive Committee.
Upon admittance, Advisors are in position on an annual basis with the option to extend their term without reapplying.
Six months of non-activity by an Advisor will result in the requirement to reapply for admittance.

Learn about the current members of our Advisory Circle here and read their articles here.