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Twenty-nine years ago, ten European professional landscape architects met in Vilvoorde (Belgium) to create the European Foundation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA) inspired from the international experience they had witnessed, in 1948 with the creation of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), and who believed that our way of perceiving and understanding the world –derived from our profession- could contribute to its development.


The European Foundation for Landscape Architecture has since then grown up and changed in many different ways. One of the changes being its name which from European Foundation for Landscape Architecture moved to European Federation for Landscape Architecture and finally to the IFLA Europe further to a “Coming Together” agreement between IFLA and EFLA turning the organisation into the European region of IFLA.



President for IFLA Europe
Tony Williams

Secretary General
Urszula Forczek-Brataniec

Marc Claramunt

Vice-president Education
Emilia Weckman

Vice-president Professional Practice
Hermann Georg Gunnlaugsson

Vice-President for Communications
Laure Aubert


OGLA / Austria
ABAJP-BVTL / Belgium
ULAB / Bulgaria
HDKA / Croatia
CZLA / Czech Republic
DL / Denmark
ELAU / Estonia
MARK / Finland
FFP / France
BDLA / Germany
PHALA / Greece
HALA / Hungary
FILA / Iceland
ILI / Ireland (Éire)
ISALA / Israel
AIAPP / Italy
LAAB / Latvia
LALA / Lithuania
ALAP / Luxembourg
NVTL / The Netherlands
NLA / Norway
SAK / Poland
APAP / Portugal
ASOP / Romania
ALAROS / Russia
UPAS / Serbia
SALA / Slovakia
DKAS / Slovenia
AEP / Spain
Sveriges Arkitekter / Sweden
BSLA / Switzerland
CTLA / Turkey
GLAU / Ukraine
LI / United Kingdom