The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), is the global body of professional Landscape Architects, with members from over 70 countries in all continents. It represents the profession of Landscape Architecture in both governmental and non-governmental organizations, such as the UN, UNESCO, UIA, etc.
IFLA is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit democratic organisation with the objectives to develop and promote the profession and discipline of Landscape Architecture, together with its related arts and sciences, throughout the world; to establish the profession in its continuing role as an instrument of aesthetic achievement and social change for the public welfare; to contribute in identifying and preserving the intricate balance of those ecological systems upon which the future of civilization depends; to establish high standards of professional practice in design and planning of the landscape, its management, conservation and development; to promote educational and professional international exchange of knowledge, skills and experience.

Who can be a member?

• National Landscape Architecture Associations
• Individual Landscape Architects
• Corporations related with Landscape Architecture

How to apply?

Category A – National and Multi-national Landscape Architecture Associations
The President of an association must send a letter applying for IFLA membership, attaching the constitution and the Membership form filled in. The constitution will be reviewed by a Regional Committee for Membership. This committee will contact the association, and recommend changes to the association’s documents if needed and, finally, send a report to the World Council for membership approval. The application must be signed by the president of the association.

Category B – Individual Landscape Architects
Landscape Architects in countries where there is no national association affiliated with IFLA may apply for individual membership in order to be able to participate in its various activities, to share and exchange professional experience with colleagues from other countries and to contribute to IFLA’s efforts to advance the profession and its influence wherever possible.

Category C – Corporate members
Scientific, educational and professional institutions, associations or corporations, connected with landscape architecture, and professional, commercial or industrial organizations wishing to promote the aims and aspirations of IFLA may apply to the Secretary-General of IFLA to become Corporate Members.

Guiding Documents

IFLA Constitution
IFLA By-Laws and Rules of Procedures
IFLA Criteria for Membership
IFLA Application Form for Association Membership
IFLA Individual Membership Form
IFLA Application Form for Corporate Membership