IFLA will promote the landscape architecture profession within a collaborative partnership of the allied built-environment professions, demanding the highest standards of education, training, research and professional practice, and providing leadership and stewardship in all matters.


IFLA will be the leading international body promoting the creation of a globally sustainable and balanced living environment from a landscape architectural perspective.


IFLA shall have the following objectives:

1.1. To establish, develop and promote the profession, discipline and education of landscape architecture, combined with its diverse range of arts and sciences on an international basis.

1.2. To establish, develop and promote the highest standards of education and professional practice influencing the widest range of landscape architectural operations (including but not limited to planning, design, ecology, biodiversity, management, maintenance, culture, conservation, and socio-economic).

1.3. To develop and promote international exchange of knowledge, research, skills and experience in all matters related to landscape architecture across all cultures and communities.

In order to achieve such objectives the governing body of IFLA shall:
1.4. Encourage and support the formation and development of new and existing national and multi-national professional associations of landscape architects.

1.5. Encourage and support the establishment of Regions, regional groups and associated councils or assemblies, and special interest groups.

1.6. Hold congresses, conferences and other relevant meetings.

1.7. Allow the formation of appropriate committees and working groups for task-specific purposes in accordance with predetermined strategies and plans.

1.8. Encourage and support the formation, establishment and development of landscape architecture educational opportunities, standards and research worldwide.

1.9. Encourage and support all levels of government to establish and to improve legislation relating to the profession of landscape architecture.

1.10. Collaborate and cooperate with appropriate international bodies and professional groups for the progression of the profession.

1.11. Encourage and support the publishing and distribution of research information relevant to the profession’s progression and development.

1.12. Make appropriate representations to governmental, non-governmental, national and international agencies in support and on behalf of existing and potential national associations.

1.13. Encourage and support any other action that will benefit the profession of landscape architecture in an appropriate fashion throughout the world.