Dates Days Actions Person(s) in charge Notes
Nomination Committee
24.11.2017 Nomination Committee starts work Chair, G. Doherty +8 months prior to WC
24.11.2017 Start work to add IFLA SGJA Webpage to IFLA Website Bruno Marques/Website Designer
24.11.2017-28.11.2017 4 Review of Timetable, Call for Nominations & Press Release All
28.11.2017 1 Transmit final Timetable, Call for Nominations & Press Release to IFLA Secretariat G. Doherty
1.12.2017-15.12.2017 15 Announce Call and distribute Press Release to Mailing lists. Complete Jellicoe webpage within IFLA website and post the “Call”, Brochure and Press Release on it. All, IFLA Secretariat and Website Designer
15.12.2017-01.03.2018 62 Solicit and develop nominations. All
01.03.2018 Nominations closed
01.03.2017-10.03.2017 10 Agreement on the list of candidates All +4 months prior to WC
10.03.2017-25.03.2018 15 Secure agreement and required additional information from candidates G. Doherty,
B. Roberts
25.03.2017 1 Secure approval of Candidates and their information from National Associations (if necessary) Chair
25.03.2018 – 30.03.2018 5 Finalize list of Nominees’ and their information and Committee Report on Nomination Process Chair, All
31.03.2018 1 Final Nominee list sent to Awards Jury
NC Report to IFLA President
Chair 3.5 months  prior to WC
Awards Jury
01.04.2018- 01.06.2017 30 Jury starts deliberations Jury 3.5 months prior to WC (Confidential)
15.05.2018 644 Jury Chair notifies IFLA President of Jury result and submits AJ Report to IFLA President.
President immediately notifies awardee, since AJ selection is final, does not require IFLA EXCO review or approval and must remain Confidential.
Jury Chair, IFLA President
B.Roberts coordinates IFLA Awardee travel
+2 months prior to WC (Confidential)
18.07.2018-21.07.2018 IFLA WC Meeting IFLA President Singapore
Award ceremony
during IFLA World Congress 18-21 July 2018
IFLA President Singapore

Note: Names of nominees and Award Winner are CONFIDENTIAL until the Award Winner is officially announced by the IFLA President at the IFLA World Congress, at which time a Press Release will be issued. Names of other nominees remain Confidential.