FROM 1987 TO 2014


1987 – Paris, France
1988/9 – UNESCO contributes First Prize for the first time
1999 – Bangkok, Thailand
2002 – Riga, Latvia
2003Calgary, Canada
2004Taipei, Taiwan
2005Edinburgh, UK
2006Minneapolis, USA
2007Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2008Apeldorn, Netherlands
2009Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2010Suzhou, China
2011Zurich, Switzerland juried in Rapperswill
2012Cape Town, South Africa
2013Auckland, New Zealand
2014Buenos Aires, Argentina
2015St Petersburg, Russia


IFLA would like to acknowledge the work of Vuk Filpic, student at the University of Calgary, in putting this archive together with the coordination of Dr. Beverly Sandalack – chair for IFLA Student Competition.