2008 Student Landscape Architecture

Design Competition Brief

2008 Student Landscape Architecture

Design Competition Winners


Throughout the world climate change is affecting the conditions of nature and local weather. Most people experience these changes as an imbalance between nature and the human environment. This IFLA student competition seeks to stimulate the discussion about the specific contribution of landscape and urban planning and design to realize a new balance between nature and the human environment.
Climate change and its impact on nature and weather conditions is a world-wide phenomenon, but in each region the impact is different. Especially where it concerns changes in water quantities and qualities. What could be the new inspirational ways of planning, new ways of designing flow systems (of water, transport, energy, materials, information, etc.) and designing new spatial environments, that would create new environmental conditions? Are concepts such as ‘utopia’, ‘autarchy’ or ‘cradle to cradle’ still valuable?


  • Name the (local, regional) problem in nature or the human environment that you are most intrigued with, and to link the problem to a specific site/region.
  • Invent a new, innovating and inspirational solution for the problem and site. Your ideas should include one or more of the following concepts: utopia, autarchy, paradise, sustainability, self-sufficiency.
  • Present plans and designs, that reflect your ideas. You are free to use a variety of graphic methods to present your ideas. Part of the challenge is to graphically communicate your work as effectively as possible. Scales are free.

Organizing Committee
Marianne van Lidthe de Jeude, Senior Lecturer Landscape Architecture, Van Hall Larenstein University, Netherlands Institute for Gardens and Landscape Architects


  • Prof. Beverly A. Sandalack, PhD, FCSLA, MCIP, Professor and Coordinator of the Urban Design Program, Director of the Urban Lab, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Prof. Xiaoming Liu, PhD, CHSLA delegate in IFLA, Director of Design Studio, School of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China
  • Johan H.A. Meehus, Dr. Ir., landschapsarchitect, Arnhem, Nederland
  • Prof. Philippe Nys, PhD, Professor College de Philosophy, Universite de Paris VIII, France
  • Prof. Udo Wilacher, Dr.sc. ETH, Professor for Landscape Architecture and Design, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
  • In addition, Ms. Ir. Saskia I. de Wit, wetenschappelijk medewerker Bouwkunde, TU Delft, participated on the pre-jury team