2014 Student Landscape Architecture
Design Competition Brief

2014 Student Landscape Architecture
Design Competition Winners


The competition aim is to promote a reflection on the importance of “thinking and action on landscape” as a conceptual and operative tool to guide the deep and global transformations in their changes. The intention is to reconnect places to the geographic, social, and cultural context that contains them, and to recover the essence of their identity and values.

It is intended that students investigate the dynamic process of landscapes in their different complexities (ethical, aesthetic, functional, ecological, socio-cultural, historic-patrimonial, economic-productive, etc.) redefining and identifying new and old spaces; applying innovative and sustainable technologies; generating formal and environmental certainties; and humanizing the places and their landscape.

The competition challenges students to explore urban landscapes: abandoned, obsolete and degraded landscapes; landscapes hurt by aggressive anthropic actions to nature and to the culture of the territory; landscapes substituted by new proposals and originated by needs, which may not have always kept the environmental balance.

They should propose new ideas sustained by “reflective thought” that will try to solve the unsustainable problems of urban landscapes in emergency; and the “action” using the most appropriate techniques to improve the management and building of a landscape of places and of new spaces of urban sustainability.

Organizing Committee
Chair: Prof. Arch. EDP Vilma Budovski
Members: Prof. Arch. Martha Marengo de Tapia and Arch. EPP Virginia L. Laboranti.


  • Prof. Gloria Aponte Garcia, Coordinadora Maestria en Diseno del Paisaje, Escuela de Arquitectura y Disen, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin, Colombia
  • Prof. Arq. Carlo Bruschi, Landscape Architect, Architect and Educator, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, representative from the European Region of IFLA
  • Prof. Arq. Alba Di Marco, Directora, Posgrado Planification y Diseno del Paisaje, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina
  • Dr. Paula Villagro Islas, Landscape Architect, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Environment and Evolutionary Science, (Universidad Austral de Chile) and Head of the Lab on Landscape and Urban Resilience at Universidad Austral de Chile
  • Dr. Beverly Sandalack Landscape Architect, Professor and Associate Dean (Academic), and Director of the EVDS Urban Lab, University of Calgary, Canada; Chair of the Jury and Chair of the IFLA Competitions Committee