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Bruno Marques
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IFLA is crossing a period of change, for most of us really exciting since the organisation is jumping into a more modern approach and that is also reflected in the new faces we see each year at the world councils.


communications and external relations at IFla regions:

IFLA Africa Chair IFLA Americas Chair IFLA Asia-Pacific Chair IFLA Europe Chair
   Kharbal James Kaltho       MONICA PALLARES MEXICO        RENEEDAVIS PIC
Kharbal Kaltho Mónica Pallares
Renee Davies Laure Aubert

CER Committee Members:

IFLA Africa IFLA Americas IFLA Asia-Pacific IFLA Europe
 Carolyne Wanza Virginia Laboranti Diane Menzies Anna Sessarego
 Donovan Gilman Darwina Neal Kyung Jin Zoh Christian Tschumi
 Fatma Triki Patricia Quintana Emily Wade
 Carey Duncan Marina Cervera Alonso





Kurt Cole
Communications and External Relations Assistant