Maria Gabriella Trovato

Maria Gabriella Trovato

Maria Gabriella Trovato is Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture at the Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management Department, American University of Beirut. Her most recent research focuses on Landscape Atlas for Lebanon and on Urban and Peri-urban landscape in the Middle East and North Africa. She has worked in a number of countries including Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Canada, and was lead partner in EU-research programs.

In 2015, Maria Gabriella Trovato led three projects at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in relation to the Landscape in Emergency topic:

1. The first is the academic studio/research TRANSITIONAL SETTLEMENT/ NEW CULTURAL LANDSCAPE, LDEM228, she conducted with the 3rd year landscape students at FAFS-AUB. It was the moment to investigate the migration and refugee phenomena at international and local scale and to start defining the role of landscape architects in the design and implementation of refugee settlement. Sarafand ITS in South Lebanon was chose as place of intervention.

2. The second event was the research workshop ‘e-scape transitional settlement’. Maria Gabriella organized the creation of the Landscape in Emergency research group.

3. The International Operative Landscape Workshop, ‘e-scape. Refugee settlement’, is the third event. It was the time to intervene on the ground and to implement public spaces on the open areas of the ITS using a participatory approach. 15 students and 10 international professors spent 8 days in Al Tyliani, Bar Elias, Lebanon, ITS.