Maja Todorovic Izquierdo

Maja Todorovic Izquierdo

Dr. Maja Todorovic Izquierdo was born in Belgrade, Serbia, of Peruvian and Serbian origin. She is a landscape architect and currently works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Belgrade. She grew up among the myths and legends of the Peruvian amazonian shamans and old Slavic legend and fairy tales which had an immense influence on what is she today.

Maja is a Doctor of Science (Architecture and urbanism), Master of Science (Biotechnical sciences and forest ecology), Master of Science (Art history), Master of Landscape architecture and urban design, and dipl. Engineer of Landscape architecture.

Her volunteer experience:
• Landscape architects without borders
• IFLA AMERICA, Exhibition jury, Regional congress in Bolivia.
• IFLA AMERICA, scientific committee on Regional congress in Panama.
• IFLA Europe project leader on Members’ database IFLA Europe project;
• Architect helper in “Architects without borders”, Spain
• She was responsible for ecology section in NGO “Water for all” ( projects concerned the state of Danube & Sava rivers, and the relation of local ecological situation with global trends)
• Four years was colaborating within NGO Comparte (Argentina) – help through educational system, clothes etc

Maja is an author and co-author of several peer review papers and one script book. Currently works on her new book which will be treated questions of mysticism in garden design. Maja T. Izquierdo realized more than 70 projects in the field of Landscape and Urban design. (For a full list of realized projects and bibliography feel free to solicit).

Her interests besides architecture are: Visual Arts (Paintings, photography, sculptures); I Ching; Amazonian Shamanism. She is an active practitioner of Shamanism in the mix with her personal methods making a bridge between ancient Peruvian amazonian teachings and contemporary counselling practices, with highlights on spiritual, psychological, ethical and physical health;

Maja T. Izquierdo was educated in Serbia, Spain and Peru