Soehartini (Tinoek) Sekartjakrarini

Soehartini is the pioneer and among the very few certified landscape architects in Indonesia for sensitive areas such as national park, biosphere reserve, botanic garden, wildlife sanctuary, nature reserve, heritage city.

After serving the Indonesia Ministry of Forestry with last position as the Director of Nature Tourism and Environmental Services, she established IdeA – Innovative development for eco Awareness, a planning, design and management consultancy company. With her education background in urban and regional planning and tourism resource development (both from Texas A&M University, USA) and agriculture majoring in landscape architecture from Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia), she has involved in a wide range of projects from urban to rural and protected areas.

Soehartini experience has brought her to give lectures in government training centers and universities. She has taught and supervised bachelor, master and doctorate students. In 2010 she was asked to lead Domestic and International Relation Committee of ISLA (Indonesia Society of Landscape Architects). She is now the ISLA Delegate to IFLA and contributes IFLA as the Coordinator of IFLA Landscape Architects Without Borders task force, Honorary Treasure of IFLA APR, and Member of IFLA APR Education Committee.

Her passion to conserve and enhance the richness, diverse and unique natural and cultural landscapes of her country through eco-tourism has led her to develop network and join with Care Tourism and Indonesian Heritage Trust. She is now the president of Care Tourism and Board of Expert in Indonesian Heritage Trust.