Bruno Marques

Bruno Marques

Bruno is a landscape architect with an international background, having his studies carried out at Lisbon Technical University (Portugal) and Berlin Technical University (Germany).

His focus areas are in landscape design theory and quality, fluctuating with creative processes in design and aesthetics of landscape. Currently carrying on with his PhD, Bruno’s research interests rely on an integrative approach in design where objective and subjective methodologies co-exist under a multidisciplinary atmosphere, which affects both education and professional practice.

As well at academic level, Bruno has been focused on strategic partnership development, internationalisation of the study programme, and captivating research funds at Tallinn Technical University. Since July 2014, Bruno is a faculty staff member of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Parallel to that, Bruno has been practicing landscape architecture in Germany and Estonia, having a reasonable portfolio of built projects.

Bruno is also an executive council member of the Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union (ELAU), representing Estonia at the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and at the European Region (IFLA Europe). Currently he has been elected as the chair for the IFLA standing committee on commutations and external relations (IFLA CER) making in part of the IFLA ExCo.