Toño Sopesens

Nowadays I’m a consultant on landscape architecture. I have strong vocation for the vegetation and its possibilities as a structuring element in spaces.
I started in 1975 as a gardener in my family landscaping firm while I was in the School of Gardening. Later I began to take responsibilities for budgets, projects, deals, and work supervisions on garden construction. I had the technical management of our firm.
In 1998 I teamed up with a colleague to begin the studio GENIUS LOCI in Zaragoza.
It was a flexible team of consultants adapting to the client necessities.
Our collaborators were landscape architects from different background: architecture, biology, engineering, gardening… and participate in the projects according to their skills.
in 2005 had the Master´s Degree in Landscape Architecture, Polytechnic University of Cataluña.
In 2008 we moved to Barcelona for 4 years, working in public spaces. Our team, 3 landscape architects, did the whole process, from projects to the delivery of the works.
In 2012 I came back to Zaragoza. I draw up projects, provide landscape architecture consulting services, and participate in multidisciplinary teams on landscape architecture projects or on site supervision works, especially in public urban spaces.
I also like education. I organize and teach on workshops and courses on landscape design and maintenance, for different public employment training institutions.