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Two main documents - IFLA Charter for landscape architectural education and IFLA Guidance Document for Recognition or Accreditation describe the main principles, aspirations, criteria, content and duration for professional educational programmes in landscape architecture and serve as a basis for the recognition of landscape architecture programmes.

IFLA/UNESCO Charter for Landscape Architectural Education
This Charter, as a universal document, can help in the understanding that landscape architectural education constitutes both the socio-cultural, ecological and professional challenge of the contemporary world; and requires the guarantee of protection, development and urgent action. Combined with IFLA Europe’s Addenda, the Charter sets out principles, objectives, criteria and duration requirements for professional educational programmes in landscape architecture.

On September 2012, the World Council of IFLA discussed and voted on a revised Charter which incorporates comments and suggestions from each region and from UNESCO. The document attached is the version which was included in the World Council Documents and was adopted unchanged. This will require discussion and incorporation into IFLA Europe guidelines.

Guidance Document for Recognition or Accreditation
This document, with the subtitle ”Professional Education Programmes in Landscape Architecture”,  describes the main standards of landscape architectural education and presents guidance on procedures for the recognition and accreditation of professional educational programmes in Landscape Architecture in the regions or countries where no such system is available. This document is approved by the IFLA World Council, June 28, 2008.


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