2018 NZILA Firth Conference

2 days Aukland

Conference-Logo_v3-1024 landscape for websiteThe 2018 NZILA Firth Conference is being held in Auckland 12-13 April 2018 at The ASB Waterfront Theatre.

The conference will focus on water and ecologies; culture and community; spaces and places; and movement as we seek to define the elements that are necessary, possible and inspirational for our cities today, and in the future.

Collaboration and multi-disciplinary teams provide the rich multi-faceted experiences that are the hallmark of successful urban environments. We welcome your unique contribution as we explore the creative thinking and innovative solutions that will not simply provide practical civic and public infrastructure, but also inspire urban dwellers and visitors now and for years to come and create civic places people love.

Much greater focus is now given to expressions of cultural values through city, community and neighbourhood design. A range of strategies that are working best for Māori and Pacific Island communities in Auckland are being tested. Co-design is a tool for community participation in design and a means to involve youth and others when numbers of design practitioners are low.

We seek exemplars of community-led initiatives from throughout the world, as well as from home grown communities, which express their cultures rather than the values and aspirations of others.

As Auckland looks more and more towards alternatives to the car for getting people around the city, can we start to think more about the opportunities for our transport infrastructure to be a catalyst for social and cultural exchange that helps to connect our citizens, not just our places.

“The street is the river of life of the city, the place where we come together, the pathway to the center.” – William H. Whyte.

Auckland has two harbours with more indented coastline than any other city in the world per capita, and a port with a forecast (but reluctant departure) from the city centre. What impact will Sea Level Rise, improved water quality and diverse and increased harbour use have? What are tested and forecast solutions in other water cities?

Greater pressure falls on public spaces to fulfil an increasing range of needs as Auckland city densifies and land prices balloon. A public space now needs to filter and clean water, provide long term solutions and reflect diverse community needs and values. Can we find new ways to create public spaces such as through orchards and gardens in and on buildings? What are other opportunities for public spaces that reflect a unique place at the harbours edge, on the water and entwined through our city and neighbourhoods?

There is an exciting line up of local and international speakers, read more about them here alongside a competition and charrette.

Registration is now open.

Further information can be found here.