Central and Eastern European Conference on Health and Environment

5 days Krakow, Poland

zb_00Since the late 1980s, Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries have been prioritising environmental issues and associated disease risks related to legacy contamination. Recent fast economic growth has continued to increase environmental impacts and health concerns.

The CEECHE is an initiative of the United States and European institutions to facilitate scientific exchange. CEECHE conferences have been held at venues across CEE countries since 2004 to better define the complex but common links between health and environment and enable the use of shared understandings of current research.

CEECHE 2018 in Krakow, Poland (June 10‐14) will focus on air pollution, persistent organic pollutants, contaminants at mining and military sites in CEE countries, and will also highlight research related to environmental toxicology and mechanistic biology studies, disease risks and intervention approaches to improve health. In addition, novel environmental remediation technologies, risk assessment approaches, socio‐economic and policy implications will also be discussed. The selection of Poland as a host country was not coincidental. Due to geographic location and fuel emissions, poor air quality in Krakow is an ongoing environmental challenge.

We invite leading scientists from countries around the world, especially CEE countries, to participate in this conference for the advancement of environmental science and health fields. We strongly encourage the participation of junior faculty, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students to facilitate the preparation of the next generation of scientific leadership.

Download the flyer here.

For more info see website here ceeche2018.eu.