International Symposium City Brand & Tourism Landscape – the landscape as strategy

Triennale Palace, Milan

image005PAYSAGE – Promotion and Development for Landscape Architecture, in collaboration with the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservatives and the Triennale of Milan, organizes the International Symposium and Award:

CITY_BRAND&TOURISM LANDSCAPE: THE LANSCAPE AS STRATEGY - The quality of Landscape for a Quality Architecture

The fourth edition of the Symposium City_Brand & Tourism Landscape will take place on Friday 22nd June 2018 in the Honour Hall of the Triennale Palace in Milan.

The Symposium recorded during the last edition City&Brand Landscape the participation of more than 380 people present in the room, mostly professionals in the field of landscape architecture, exceeding the best expectations.

Born with the goal of promoting Landscape Architecture in the various areas of design City_Brand & Tourism Landscape Award and Symposium aims to reflect about the future of the urban landscape in search of best practices able to promote, within the Landscape Architecture, effective strategies and projects capable of bestrowing new ethical, economic and social values to the territories.

The City_Brand & Tourism Landscape Award will also be set up within the International City_Brand & Tourism Landscape Symposium, which aims to attract the excellence of international design in Landscape Architecture and the relationship with urban space in order to reward the best projects and achievements.

News for the 2018 edition is the introduction of Tourism Landscape, the section of the International Symposium and the Award that aims to deepen how a landscape can be “modeled”, respecting the environment and biodiversity, through a series of material and symbolic transformations to integrate reception services. New places of being whose project does not omit accuracy, design and technology, virtuous examples of how landscape architecture plays a fundamental role through a respectful approach to technological amplification of quality architecture.

In conjunction with the Symposium, the Jury will decree the winning project to which the recognition will be given during the initiative.

All the Authorities, Institutions, Associations and Universities involved in the themes are invited to the initiative both for territorial competences and for scientific contributions.

For participants at the event, which responds to the professional development guidelines, it was approved a recognition of professional credits by the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationist of Italy.

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