IPM 5th International Biennial Conference Transforming Place: People, Processes and Practice

4 days Barossa Valley and Adelaide, South Australia


About the conference

Over the past nine years, the IPM International Biennial Conference has brought together academics, practitioners and policy makers working and researching in the area of place management and associated fields. Our conference is a key event that develops knowledge and practice that transforms the way we understand places – as well as how we make, maintain and market them.

Place management draws from a number of disciplines, and this knowledge can be synthesised to meet contemporary challenges, as exemplified by some of our conference themes over the years; ‘The Business of Place’,  ’Sustainability, liveability and connectivity’, and ‘Inclusive placemaking’. By bringing together academics, policy makers and practitioners working in place management, placemaking and place marketing, we aim to facilitate the development of theoretical, practical and policy development.

For our 2019 event, the Institute of Place Management are delighted to announce that we will be heading to South Australia!

Across the globe we live in a brave new world of immigration, blended communities, mixing of cultures and changing places.  Place management and development has a role to understand and facilitate transformation of towns, cities and rural areas to improve their livability, viability, tolerance and resilience to disruption. The challenge for place management policy and practice is leading the positive transformation of place to improve its prosperity. The challenge for place management theory is understanding and explaining these processes.

The 2019 conference programme will seek to explore the theme of ‘transition’, engaging an international community of knowledge and practice in understanding how place management, marketing and development can shape the relationship between people and the places in which they live.

The conference will take place in the beautiful Barossa Valley area of South Australia. The Barossa Region historically is a blend of Anglo-Germanic peoples who transitioned in the hope of a new life, new opportunities and freedom from the hardships in Europe in the 1840’s. Post-war Europe in the 1950’s then saw mass immigration from the UK, Greece and Italy. Today, Australia has a growing mix of ethnic groups from Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Many of these immigrant groups seek the same opportunities, and desire to contribute to a wider community while finding their own sense of place and identity in a new country. Equally, countries such as Australia and New Zealand have indigenous people who have been displaced since first European settlement, with a disregard of the role and importance of place and identity for indigenous peoples.

For more information see the event website here.