Knowledge Café on Urban Conflict and Convergence in the Anthropocene

Politecnico di Milano in Mantua (IT)

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From 28th November to 1st December the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the City of Mantua (IT), the Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology (SISEF), and the Politecnico di Milano present the World Forum of Urban Forest (WFUF) ‘Changing the Nature of Cities’ to discuss how to make our cities greener, healthier and happier places. Local authorities, researchers, landscape architects, urban planners, urban foresters, experts and many other stakeholders will discuss multidisciplinary solutions for sustainable cities.

Back-to-back with the first day of the World Forum on Urban Forests The Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA) has organised a Knowledge Café on Urban Conflict and Convergence in the Anthropoceneon, this takes place 28th November 2018, at the premises of Politecnico di Milano in Mantua (IT).

This opportunity of exchange will bring together landscape architects and other professionals, with experts from research, the private sector, international organisations and local governments to stimulate new thinking, and offers insights into “what Urban Economy could mean for greener cities and sustainable urban development”.

This half day afternoon session – organised by Maria Beatrice Andreucci (IFLA Advisory Circle) will highlight in particular the conflicts of “housing against biodiversity”, “aesthetics against ecosystem services”, “inclusion against inequality”, and “regulation against laissez-faire“, within a wide international context characterised by “natural and agricultural lands becoming megacities”, and “brownfields becoming eco-neighbourhoods and parks”.

IFLA Landscape Architects are invited to attend and contribute to the initiative.  For further information, please, contact: Maria Beatrice Andreucci