Centro Argentino de Arquitectos Paisajistas

National Association:

Centro Argentino de Arquitectos Paisajistas (CAAP)

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ana Luisa Artesi

Ana Luisa Artesi
- Architect Especialized in Landscape Architecture – Faculty of Architecture, Desi

Recognized Programmes:

The Argentine Centre of Landscape Architects is a non-profit organization that represents the landscape architecture professionals in Argentina.

Its main objective is the promotion of the profession of landscape architecture.
• Landscape Planning in Urban and Rural Environment
• Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage
• New approaches to landscape management
• Participation in strategic plans and the promotion of better  legislation concerning Landscape issues.

Contributes to strengthen relationships between professionals from different specialties, developing meetings and activities.
• Exchange of information
• Technical Consultations
• Exchange of expertise
• Organization of courses, seminars, symposia, conferences, etc..
• Organization of competitions
• Organization of databases for research and exchange
• Promoting research
• Promoting social actions and solidarity
• Promotion of environmental remediation and sustainable practices

CAAP Membership:

47 Active Professionals

5 Honorary members

5 Lifetime Members

9 Adherent Members from other Professions or Technicians

27 Aplicants