Iranian Society of Landscape Professions

National Association:

Iranian Society of Landscape Professionals (ISLAP)

North Kheradmand, Tehran, Iran
Armin Parhizi Rad

Armin is Civil Engineer and Environmental Designer. He received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering

Recognized Programmes:

Iranian Society of Landscape Professions (ISLAP) is a democratic professional, Scientific, Non-governmental and non-profit making organization established at 2000. This society has been a member of the IFLA since 2008.
Attempting to protect and support professional rights of the members; National and international communication and information and experience exchange between experts; establishment of relationship with students, citizenship and environmental organization; increasing the level of knowledge and technical scientific awareness and as the result ascending the quantitative and qualitative conditions of the Landscape profession in the country in order to improve environmental situation are considered as goals and objectives of the society.

President: Hamid Ebrahim

Vice President: Nasim Sahraei Nejad

Executive Director: Armin Parhizi Rad

IFLA Delegate: Armin Parhizi Rad

Treasurer: Peyman Gilani

Executive Committee Members:

- Hamid Ebrahim

- Armin Parhizi Rad

- Nasim Sahraei Nejad

- Mustafa Khadem

- Peyman Gilani

 Address: No.1, Parya Building, Bahmanyar Square, Navvab Highway, Tehran, Iran.

Telephone: +98 (21) 55072509