Swiss Federation of Landscape Architects

National Association:

Swiss Federation of Landscape Architects (BSLA)

Zurich, Switzerland
Christian Tschumi

Christian Tschumi grew up in Zurich and became a licensed landscape gardener in 1988. He received hi

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Swiss Federation of Landscape Architects BSLA

•founded in 1925
•founding member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects – IFLA
•350 individual members, 50 junior and guest members
•has organized the 3rd International Congress for Landscape Architecture 1939, the 5th IFLA World Congress 1956,  and the 18th IFLA World Congress 1980


Switzerland (officially the Swiss Confederation)

•is a landlocked alpine country of roughly 7.5 million people in Western Europe with an area of 41,285 km²
•is a federal republic consisting of 26 states. These states are called cantons.
•its capital is Bern, while the country’s economic centres are its two global cities, Geneva and especially Zurich
•has a high degree of economic freedom, immigrants, and globally-oriented business. It is one of the richest countries in the world.
•is bordered by German, France, Italy, Austria and Lichtenstein
•hosts many international organizations, including the Red Cross, the World Trade Organization and one of the U.N.s two European offices
•is multilingual and has four national languages: German, French, Italien and Romansh