IFLA News – Issue 99

Landscape Architecture as Common Ground – Exhibition

Exhibition – Landscape Architecture as Common Ground.

This IFLA Europe exhibition celebrates the breadth of landscape architectural projects throughout Europe. Each National Association of IFLA Europe has provided three exemplar projects which demonstrate the most laudable projects within their jurisdiction.

Take a look at the entries here.

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Landscape Australia Conference – Melbourne 11 May 2019

For further information see here.

IFLA News – Issue 98

Our third edition celebrating WLAM 2019, you can get it here.

CSLA 2019 Congress and CSLA-BCSLA Showcase

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The premier networking and educational event for the growing Canadian landscape architecture profession and provides a rare opportunity to engage with a cross-section of industry leaders.

Keynote speakers are announced:
Julian Napoleon: 

Julian Napoleon is Dane-zaa and Cree from the Peace River region. Napoleon grew up immersed in the subsistence practices of his family and community, hunting, fishing, foraging, and learning cultural protocols. Napoleon studied applied biology in Food & Env

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EKLIPSE – 15th International Living Lakes Conference


Eklipse, together with Global Nature Fund and Living lakes, invites you to register for the “Living lakes: Business and NGO partnership for climate change mitigation and adaptation” conference, taking place on the 7th-9th of May 2019 in Valencia, Spain.

Conference delegates from governments, corporations and NGOs will discuss and evaluate what – from municipal to federal level – can be done to contribute to climate protection and increase the resilience of lakes and wetlands as ecosystems

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The Global Challenge of Biodiversity loss: Horizon Magazine

HORIZON, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine, explores the global challenge of biodiversity loss.

Many experts believe we are in the midst of a sixth mass extinction, where human-caused factors such as land use and pollution are causing a decline in biodiversity – something that threatens the future of our own species. We speak to British ecologist Professor Georgina Mace about how bad the situation is and what we can do about it. We explore marine ecosystems, where species relocation outpace

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LI launches new biosecurity toolkit for landscape consultants

For more information see here.

1st Congress ‘Parks – South America’

Congress Parks South America

For more information see here.

Renewal of plant heritage in historic parks and gardens: the management of trees

Friday 17 May 2019, Carlos V Palace, Alhambra, Granada

The event is aimed at promoting and facilitating the exchange of professional knowledge on the management and maintenance of our landscape heritage. For this purpose, its main objective will be to highlight the unique character of the arboreal heritage of the historic gardens and parks.

More information here.

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International Symposium Landscape, Agriculture, Woman


In a globalised world, in which the survival of group identities and the necessary connection and exchange strive to exist in harmony, there are resilient agricultural models which, based on tradition and innovation, show the feasibility of systems that adapt to the idiosyncrasy of the territories and provide the people living in them and building them, day by day, with a dignified living. They are models in which the direct relation between people and their environment is ancestral, present an

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International Congress of Landscape Architecture, 28-30 April, Brazil

For more information see here.

Student Design Competition Retrospective, Mexico

For more information see here.

Gardens and Open Landscapes 2019 – AIAPP, Italy

The 2019 review of Gardens and Open Landscapes is entitled MEDITERRANEA .

In previous editions we have gone beyond the landscapes of crisis, to respond to the challenges of transformations to which the landscape is subjected, with the Landscape Craft. After the what and how, here is the where: in Italy, region of the Mediterranean sea basin. Mediterranea is the land that unites the physical and cultural landscapes of the countries that overlook the mare nostrum: places of identity, children of

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World Landscape Architecture Month – IFLA News Special Edition #2

Help us celebrate WLAM. Read the latest IFLA News Edition here.

Keep up to date with the 2019 IFLA World Congress Plans

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Keep up to date with all the plans for the 2019 IFLA World Congress in Oslo

The congress website https://www.ifla2019.com/
On twitter @2019Ifla
On facebook https://www.facebook.com/iflaworldcongress2019

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World Landscape Architecture Month – IFLA News Special Edition

Read the first in a series of special IFLA News editions to celebrate this special month, get it here.

The Future Park Design Ideas Competition: New Public Space for Melbourne

Park and Square moving image

In 1837 surveyor Hoddle’s plan laid the foundations for the city of Melbourne, transforming the endemic landscape of wetlands, open grasslands and custodial lands of the Kulin nation into a speculative real estate grid surrounded by colonial parkland. Featuring a botanic garden, a Domain, along with other significant garden squares and parks, this generous layer of open space was integral to the development of ‘Marvellous’ Melbourne – a vibrant late nineteenth century city of international prom

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IFLA Africa News – March 2019

The IFLA Africa News for March is out, you can read it here.

2019 Student Charrette

Definition of CHARRETTE

The intense final effort made by architectural students to complete their solutions to a given architectural problem in an allotted time or the period in which such an effort is made.

AHO – the Oslo School of Architecture and Design will host and programme the Student Charrette.
The programme will be prelaunched in February 2019 and finally launched in March 2019.

Nava Polman Gerson Foundation (NPG) is sponsoring awards for the Student Charrette.



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World Landscape Architecture Month

There is lots of activity going on via our members associations in Europe towards World Landscape Architecture Month, take a look here.

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“Mediterranean Skylines & Floodplains – Cities & Nature” ISALA Conference

Tel Aviv 28-29 March 2019 MAR 20 2019 

For more information see here

Fédération Française du Paysage General Assembly

FFF General Assembly 2019

More information to follow.

IFLA News – Issue 95

IFLA News – Issue 95 is out with news of Youth engagement for Urban Forests. What will the city of tomorrow look like and how can forestry play a role in securing our future?  Read all about it here.

IFLA News – Issue 94

You can download the latest IFLA News here.