The purpose of its work plan is to increase landscape architects’ knowledge and participation in the evolving perceptions of the nature of heritage.

This concept now encapsulates new meanings, not only related to those traditionally associated with it. In the current context, cultural landscapes (CL) bear different meanings and interests depending on the social actors they concern: recreational activities, the environment, professional sports, tourism, and quietness are all parts of it.

This polysemy also refers to the living character of cultural landscape. It presents a broader vision which went from a definition essentially centered on the physical aspect (monument, site) to one more invested in the social approval.

Correspondingly, our main objectives are to promote landscape architecture within the CL field of action, to form a group of experts from different regions working on CL to disseminate outstanding examples of rehabilitation of different types of CL (peripheral, rural, industrial, quarries, intangible, etc.)


Members of this working group are:

Professor Sung-Kyum Kim

Representative of IFLA Europe
Maria do Rosario Oliveira

Representative of IFLA Africa
Liana Jansen

Representative of IFLA Asia-Pacific
Feng Han

Representative of IFLA Americas
Rafael Dodera

Representative of IFLA Middle East
Salma Samaha

Associate Member
Julia Georgi

Mónica Luengo Añón