IFLA-UIA Working Group

Members of this working group are:

Helena Gutmane, Chair
Ana Ines Bajcura, Member, IFLA Americas Kim, Sung-KyunMember, IFLA Asia-Pacific
Fritz AuweckMember, IFLA Europe Salma SamahaMember, IFLA Europe
Anna Luiza ArtesiMember Carlos JankilevicMember
Jala MakhzoumiMember


Indigenous Ecosystem Corridors and Nodes: A joint project of the UIA and the IFLA
The UIA and the IFLA have jointly committed to the establishment locally and globally of an extensive system of indigenous ecosystem corridors and nodes. As their contribution to this vision they are setting out to develop the concept and the methodology and establish these within the professions and the wider community.

To achieve this outcome the UIA and the IFLA have established a joint Working Group to undertake the work on their behalf. To operate this Working Group they have appointed as joint foundation conveners for an initial period of one year Allan Rodger (UIA) and Tony Williams (IFLA).

To learn more about this project, click here.

Allan Rodger, Co-convener (UIA): allan@rodger.id.au
Tony Williams, Co-convener (IFLA): tony.williams@tii.ie
Project Working Group: iecn@iflaonline.org

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