documents related to the ILC


IFLA and the ILC
Resolution ICON-LA, IFLA and ILC – St. Petersburg, Russia: 07/06/2013
IFLA Tamaki Makarau Declaration – 2013 IFLA World Council, Auckland, New Zealand: 12/04/2013
Shanghai Declaration – IFLA Asia-Pacific Region: 23/10/2012
IFLA 47th World Council support on the ILC – Suzhou, China: 30/05/2010

Leaflets and brochures 
IFLA ILC Leaflet For Organisations
Marketing Campaign IFLA ILC 2013

European Landscape Convention
European Landscape Convention – Florence, 20/10/2000

The Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI)
The Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI)

Florence Declaration on Landscape – UNESCO, 21/09/2012
The Hangzhou Declaration: Placing Culture at the Heart of Sustainable Development Policies – UNESCO, 17/05/2013

UNESCO Preliminary study on the ILC
Global Landscape Convention – UNESCO Resolution from 26/11/2010
Preliminary study on the technical and legal aspects for an international standard-setting instrument on landscape – 14/01/2011
Preliminary study on the technical and legal aspects of the ILC – UNESCO Resolution from 21/03/2011

Papers and Presentations
30/10/2012 – GIAHS Presentation – Towards an International Landscape Convention
Topos 82 2013 About Landscape – Silos and Compartments