ILC sponsorship package

The challenge: Each week, across the world, communities are experiencing benefits, but also feeling the impacts of industrialisation, urbanisation, and the search for energy. Lives are endangered or affected by poor or badly planned development. Problems are caused by demographic shifts and changing patterns of work and habitation, as well as climate change, the depletion of natural resources, de/reforestation, difficulties relating to food production, biodiversity, heritage, and a host of other issues relating to aspects of land use change and development. The quality of the landscapes of daily life is constantly being eroded.

The solution: A new, international UNESCO convention would encourage intergovernmental, transnational and public-private cooperation. Stimulating integrated policy making, unlocking greater value for people and the economy for now and in the future, it will help raise aspirations, reinforce democracy, encourage local culture and by recognizing the true value of the landscape help ensure the creation, protection and long-term management of memorable, equitable and sustainable landscapes to improve the quality of life for all.
Sponsorship of the project accelerates development of the ILC and offers an organisation association with a progressive Convention that has already united international and multi-disciplinary efforts to sustaining the globe’s landscapes.

ILC sponsorship package:
Available for 1-3 years at EUR 5,000 per annum.


  • Identification of Sponsor’s logo on all marketing and promotional material issued via IFLA for the ILC.


  • Logo on Homepage, Sponsor page and ILC page of IFLA website:
  • Logo on ILC Facebook page.
  • Two annual organisation announcement via IFLA Xpress News.


  • Reception of all of IFLA’s public and member communications including email broadcasts and e-publications.
  • Welcome to Sponsor via IFLA’s social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


  • 20% discount on use of IFLA Job Advertisement Service.
  • Invitation to professional and social events throughout the year.
  • Discounted admission for one representative to the IFLA World Congress.
  • Additional opportunities negotiable through the IFLA Secretariat.


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