The competition and its archive

The IFLA Student Landscape Architecture Design Competition has been an important part of the IFLA World Congress for some time. For over 30 years we have developed an extensive set of winning and shortlisted entries for this prestigious competition. We have launched the IFLA Student Design Competition Retrospective Project to celebrate this archive and the picture it provides of our profession. The entries not only offer a valuable comment on the variety of topics and approaches characteristic of the different IFLA Regions and schools but they also demonstrate the full scope of landscape architecture as a profession.

IFLA Student Design Competition Retrospective Project

IFLA is now offering schools and member associations this exclusive material for use in for promotional events with the aim of raising the visibility of our profession and to further inspire students and practitioners. The awarded projects from 2003 to 2016 illustrate the diversity of approaches across the world as well as, in certain measure, the evolution of the profession which finds adequate answers to many challenges of the contemporary society by its interdisciplinary approach.

What we are offering

Member associations, members of IFLA and schools of landscape architecture across the world can acquire the collection of the selected awarded projects from the previous IFLA Student Competitions.

What could it look like

You will be free to display the material in an exhibition form at the time and place you find suitable. The first retrospective exhibition, held in Belgrade, Serbia in April 2016, organised with the Serbian Association of Landscape Architects and the Department for Landscape Architecture and Horticulture (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry), served as a trial and showed the possibility of setting up an effective event   quickly and with minimal costs  - see here for more information.

Find out more

You can find out more about the IFLA Student Design Competition here
You can download an information pack about exhibiting the exhibition here
View the retrospective licensing agreement here For more information, including an agreement for exhibiting please contact: Sally Robertshaw on