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IFLA, the International Federation of Landscape Architects, is the global body of professional Landscape Architects, with members national associations from over seventy countries in all continents. It represents the profession of Landscape Architecture in both governmental and non-governmental organizations, such as the UN, UNESCO, UIA etc.

IFLA is a non-political, non governmental and non-profit democratic organization with the following objectives: to develop and promote the profession and discipline of Landscape Architecture, together with its related arts and sciences, throughout the world; to establish the profession in its continuing role as an instrument of aesthetic achievement and social change for the public welfare; to contribute in identifying and preserving the intricate balance of those ecological systems upon which the future of civilization depends; to establish high standards of professional practice in design and planning of the landscape, its management, conservation and development; to promote educational and professional international exchange of knowledge, skills and experience.

Altogether, IFLA represents over 40,000 landscape architects worldwide and provides extensive sponsorship opportunities with a global audience. IFLA offers its partners a platform to showcase their organisation and make valuable contacts with key decision-makers in areas of landscape architecture including (but not limited to) education, master-planning, project design, urban design, project implementation, contract administration, land management and landscape planning.

IFLA has made available five sponsorship packages that allow a range of benefits depending on the level chosen. Bespoke options are also negotiable to suit your needs. Sponsorship packages are available for a one to three year period with the following break-down per annum.

Exclusive Sponsor
Prime Sponsor
Select Sponsor
Main Sponsor
Official Sponsor

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